• Lets Join Hands on World Environment Day

    Five Easy Tips on World Environment Day

    Five Easy Tips on World Environment Day

    Well, almost all 365 days are named and celebrated as “Special Day or Awareness Day”. We cannot remember the significance behind all these days in our memory tank.Whenever we tune to TV, Facebook, Twitter or any Social Network in the morning, we get to see the importance and history of “Today”.

    As we witness lot of changes in the world and with growing population and technology, these occasional days are required which acts as a Key Messenger of Awareness among people for a specific cause.

    This articles focuses on bringing more voices to sing Happy Birthday for Environment Day (June 5th World Environment Day)”.

    Everyone are aware of the major problems faced by Environment such as Pollution, Deforestation, Hazards from Nuclear Wastage, Scarcity of Natural resources, etc..Let’s take a moment in our daily life to save the earth by doing small things and doesn’t it be apt if we start with our share of contributions to society on this World Environment Day.

    Five Easy Tips on World Environment Day to create Friendlier Environment

    •  Plant saplings – we can pick up ideas of home garden and if we have space available, we can plant trees and nurture them. As most of us are staying in apartment floors, it is difficult to plant big trees. At the least, we can start growing small saplings or plants in and around our house. Failing to do that, we are not teaching the younger generation the amount of goodness brought by trees.

    Without doubt, gardening would be a great leisure time for a family. It will create another good opportunity to spare more together-time for parents and children.

    It also provides lot of mind relaxation and even you might have heard about suggestions to setup indoor-plant at your workplace, as our eyes and mind just love the calm and clear thoughts reflected by green leaves.

    Self Bonus: Engagement in Fun filled activity with free-of-cost.

    •  Refrain Plastic Usage: Replace Plastic covers with beautiful and attractive Paper Backs or Jute Bags. I was also once a big fan of nice plastic bags (big lover of ‘WestSide’, ‘Globus’ and the list goes on) given away in the shopping outlets in Malls and got carried away under the thoughts of prestigious & posh look.

    Gone are the days were people use to knit their own bags in different colours & combination. Nowadays nobody practices this art at least in the circle that I know of currently, mild relief is that we can still avail these bags in small marketplace for lower prices.

    Have a habit of keeping a backup Jute Bag or Any other type of bag that you love in your Car. Not always we plan the need of buying groceries / vegetables, so let’s prepare to cover those days as well.

    Self Bonus: Save money to pay for plastic bags. And yes, showcase a dynamic personality with different choice of bags.

    • Reduce Paper Usage – Opt out from Hard copy statements for your credit card/mobile/bank statements. Most of the corporates are running ‘Go-Green’ campaigns and we can spare few clicks to enable the setup.

    Self Bonus:  Save time in clearing out these unnecessary paper junks at home.

    • Save Power consumption wherever possible. If you are not going to work in your laptop for more than 20 mins, hibernate it… let that soul also breathe some rest and will help to add our bit to save the resources. If you are working from home, try to make the most from the day light.

    Self Bonus: Save few units in Electricity bill

    • Save Water – Avoid shower baths… during summer time, it is not really possible. Atleast we can have shorter shower baths. While cleaning in the kitchen or while using the wash basin, don’t just leave the water go waste. Though it is a difficult task of turning on/off the knob mainly while doing much boring kitchen cleanup, just do it considering the broader perspective.

    Self Bonus:  Save money in Water bill

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    Going Beyond the Five:

    • Become a part of the communityWorld Environment Day

    You will be called as alien in Coimbatore(India) if you haven’t come across the work envisioned by SiruthuliLikewise, try to engage in similar community in & around your area and it will surely benefit the society.

    • Did you know about Siruthuli Summer camp ?
      • Siruthuli had organized for a week long Summer camp in Apr 2014 and kudos to all who participated in it.
      • Summer camps have brought such a craze in the mindset of parents and children not to mention the “Status” comparisons & competitions. But really happy to see the big crowd volunteered for a unique Summer camp in Coimbatore.
      • 5 days camp gave lot of insights to younger generation on Agriculture & its importance, Wealth Out of Waste(organic manure out of home waste), water savings and also children participated in planting various saplings in the river bed.
      • For folks who missed it, let’s keep a watch on these sorts of events. Practicals/Hands-on is always interesting to do than just theory. These events will educate the younger generation in a better way.
      • We can also get tips and ideas on home gardening and decomposition of home waste from Siruthuli.
    • Create Awareness for Children: In Schools-Parent meetings, rather than just talking about curriculum &  exam marks / grades, we can also suggest to organize events like tree planting, water saving awareness, etc.,
    • Handle E-waste properly: Dispose the E-Waste appropriately (As far as I know, Nokia was providing ewaste dispensary outlets) and have also seen this practice in few corporate society. May be it is another takeaway for Human Resources Personnel to implement in their department area.

    Gave life to 2 ignored Flower Pots

    There were 2 flower pots lying just in front of my house entrance that was left unnoticed for more than a year. Because of sudden ignition in the mind, it gave the life to 2 cute tree saplings.

    It doesn’t require Day and Night work to contribute to the greener environment. It just requires few adjustments and small practices to adopt in our daily life. I’ve planted this thought in my mind and working towards adding my drops wherever possible (Several small drops form an ocean)… So, what are you waiting for!!! Contribute your drops too…

    Everyone love the Trees & Nature. These are just small thoughts added on the occasion of Environment Day (June 5th 2014). If you’ve more easy ideas or Tips on World Environment Day, please share your comments.

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