• Lotus and Leaves – Loving this, Try it out !!!

    During any formattion of Rangoli, we need to fill out the design shapes alternatively with stripes and empty space. If we fill out the designs fully or leave the rangoli just with the design lines, it doesn’t reflect the design very well.

    But if we alternate the design with stripes/solid fill with white rangoli powder/empty space and if the symmetry is very well maintained in the rangoli formattion, it will look very beautiful visually.

    This is mainly to be considered for designs drawn on daily basis without colors. Like said here, the key thing for above Rangoli is undoubtedly the ‘Stripes’ design.

    Easy Rangoli Designs

    Easy Rangoli Designs

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    When I say Rangoli without colors, I understand that I’m actually contradicting as Rangoli itself refers to multiple colors. But for everyday designs, we don’t get sufficient time to color it , so I reserve that coloring for festivals and special occasions.

    Have to just Correct the Curves to make it perfect. Guests were planning to come home and had lot of work at home. But still I wanted to drew Rangoli in short time. Didnt have any idea on what to draw, just started with usual flower design and ended the design with lotus.

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