• Whatsapp Ticks in Blue – Messaging Features Explained

    To activate mute Whatsapp message notification, first keep this app version as the latest one.

    If your Play store or App store shows your Whatsapp app is up-to-date & still the new features are not active, then visit the app’s official website & download the latest version available in there.

    This article explains how to use the 3 major features related to Whatsapp chat app.

    1. What happens when you Mute someone on Whatsapp?

    To mute Whatsapp chats for a person, open that contact from Whatsapp contact list. You will be able to see options for “Mute” and “Custom Notifications”.

    #1.If you don’t want to switch off all kind of notifications from that contact, click on “Mute”. WhatsApp will ask you a confirmation on how long to make this option enable for this user. Choose one of these as per your need.

    • 8 Hours,
    • 1 Week or
    • 1 Year.

    Mute Whatsapp message notification option was earlier enabled for group chats, now it is enabled for each contact. Other shortcut to mute an conversation is to long press on a Whatsapp chat message & you can see to option to mute on top right hands side of the app.

    #2.Click on “Custom Notifications”, if you wish to choose how a notification should occur for a contact. You can choose parameters for the items listed:

    • Notification Tone for each use or Group,
    • Vibration,
    • Popup Notification
    • Light Color(Red, Blue, Green, Purple etc.,)

    Once you are done with this setup, you will be able to identify who messaged you from the beep sound or vibration or from the light color. Then you could choose to ignore or read it without opening the Whatsapp app.

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    2. Hide Whatsapp Blue ticks without disabling Read receipts

    This is a trick that many people want in their phone when they don’t want the sender to know that they have read the message. There are 2 options to hide these blue ticks on Whatsapp.

    #1 Using Settings to hide Whatsapp Ticks: Press options from WhatsApp Chat Page. Choose Settings -> Account -> Privacy. In this Page, uncheck the option “Read Receipts”. Once this is done, the sender does not get a Blue tick in their end once you read any of their messages. But the drawback with this option is that, You won’t also get any read receipts from your friends.

    #2 Trick the Whatsapp Ticks: Instead of changing the settings, follow this Whatsapp Hack – a tricky method. If you see a new message notification from your friend or stalker.

    • Switch off Your Internet connection – Mobile data or Wi-Fi.
    • Open the message, read it & then delete it.
    • Now come out of the chat and
    • Enable Internet.

    What does this do? Since you have deleted the message, the sender will not get a Read receipt. The grey ticks on sender side will not turn into blue ticks.

    So the sender will still be thinking that you have not yet read his message and that’s why not replying.

    3. Whatsapp Mark as Unread Message & Read it Later

    You are receiving a lengthy message from a Friend. You open it and in mean time you get a priority task to attend. Then follow these steps to make a Whatsapp text as unread again.

    1. Press ‘back’ & come out of chat message.
    2. Long press the Chat message from Your Friend.
    3. Click option “Mark as UnRead”.

    Quite simple, isn’t it. This is very similar to the Unread option available in Outlook, Gmail and Other Email Services. The Whatsapp message you made as unread will be highlighted as new message, reminding you that a message is pending your attention.

    But, for now it does not reverses the blue tick on Whatsapp (read receipts) in the sender’s mobile. May be the app developers add something like that in future.

    This ‘Unread’ option is only an update done at your phone. In case if you do want to hide these blue ticks or read receipts at the sender side then follow the steps explained in point 2.

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