• Whatsapp is not Just Messenger – It is Full of Memories

    We have most of Friends contacts in Whatsapp & We share loads of memories with them each day. These chat history is all stored only in your local device storage (Phone Memory). Once a chat message is sent to the receiver, it is no longer stored in the server.

    If your Mobile or Tablet storage crashes, then all your chat history & Sweet Memories are lost. To prevent from permanent loss of Chat history, Whatsapp provides an option to Email Chat from Individual Chat or to Backup all the chat history.


    Apart from this, a backup is taken by default every day. This default backup can be found in this path. My Files -> All Files -> Whatsapp -> Databases -> msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.version.db.crypt8.

    1. Whatsapp Backup Chat History In Google Drive

    For this option to work, You should have Google Drive Installed in your Smartphone and Whatsapp version should be 2.12.235 or above. To Check Version go to this path from Whatsapp: Settings->Help->About)

    Once you open the messenger, press the options key in your Smart phone -> Settings -> Chats and Calls. In this page, you will see an option ‘Chat Backup’ (Means Google Drive Enabled and click this to choose a Google Account to upload) or ‘Back Up Chats’ (Means Google Drive is not yet integrated).


    If the last auto back was very old, then click this option. This will trigger the backup process, a new backup will be created in your Google Drive Account or msgstore file will be created in the above path mentioned.

    You can also choose to Copy this file to an external memory device, Pen Drive, Personal Computer or a cloud backup like Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud one etc.,

    Don’t just copy only this msgstore file, but all the whole Whatsapp folder. This way media files are also saved from permanent loss.

    2. Backup Whatsapp is Done – How to Restore?

    In case, your mobile device crashed or you got a new smart phone. Copy the backup folder (from above process) to your new smart phone. Then install the Whatsapp messenger. While installation is in progress, the app will detect a chat history backup in your new phone and it will request you a confirmation whether to recover from the backup or proceed without restoring.

    Click ok to restore from backup and proceed with the install. Once the installation and registration process is completed, all your old memories and chat histories from previous Whatsapp installation are all restored.

    Still, there is no option yet to directly connect Whatsapp to a Cloud storage and backup the details automatically.

    3. Whatsapp Recover Deleted Messages

    At the beginning of this article, we mentioned about a default auto backup taken daily by Whatsapp. If you have deleted any old chat message and want to recover it. Follow these steps.

    • Go to My Files -> All Files -> Whatsapp -> Databases.
    • Rename the lasts msgstore file.
    • Uninstall and install Whatsapp again.
    • While installing, App will ask confirmation for restoring data from msgstore file.
    • Provide confirmation and proceed with installation.

    Once install is complete, you will be able to see old deleted message. But the new messages that you received today will be lost. This is how we can recover deleted Whatsapp messages.

    4. Email Chats in Whatsapp

    To use this option, you should have an Email client configured in your Smartphone. Or Optionally you can install the Gmail App from Play Store and Configure your Gmail Account with it. Now you are all set to backup chat history of individual contacts to your email.

    Now go Whatsapp Settings -> Chats and Calls. In this page, just below the Backup Chats option, you can see the Email Chat option. Click this option and it will display all chats asking you to choose which chat you want to Email.

    Click the chat history you want to email, and then choose whether to include Media files in Email or only Text and then Email Client to send the chats. Once this done, the chat history will be attached as a text file and the media files. Choose to whom you want to send the chat history and click send.

    If your SmartPhone is connected to internet then the mail client will send the Email along with attachments. This is how; you can share or backup a chat history through Email Chat option.

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