• 1. What happens when you Mute someone on Whatsapp?

    Whatsapp only switches of the notifications for the messages from the person you just muted.

    1. Mute a person’s contact in Whatsapp who annoys you.
    2. You will still get messages from the person.
    3. Whatsapp just suppress the notifications from the person.

    If you mute someone on Whatsapp, it actually means that you have muted the notifications in your messenger. It is basically a option to avoid someone annoying you with so many messages & you keep getting notification sound or alerts.

    It can be considered a soft block. The person messages you, but Whatsapp will not notify you about it. So, you can check the message any time you want to read or when you are free. This way, you can get an option to differentiate the important messages with not so important text messages.

    If you want to completely switch off messages from someone in Whatsapp, then you have to block the user.

    2. If I Mute someone on Whatsapp, Do I still get messages?


    You will still get messages from the person whom you just muted. This option is only a Notification Mute.

    3. If I Mute Someone on Whatsapp, will they know?


    There is no way that they will know or get a notification that you have muted them. Unless they see your mobile & open the settings in Whatsapp, there is absolutely no way to know it remotely.

    4. What Does Mute on Whatsapp Do?

    It is only a Notification Mute.

    Answer for Faq point 1 gives elaborate answer for this query. Blocking a person & notification are different processes in Whatsapp.

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