• Using Whatsapp With Anonymous Phone Number

    I never thought it would be possible to use Whatsapp without even having a Phone Number. This wonderful app made it possible.

    With this App, you can also make or receive calls to or from your Friends without purchasing and using SIM card.

    This article is not about installing 2 instances of Whatsapp in same device. This option is useful for people who use Tablets Devices that does not support SIM card facility or Running Whatsapp with anonymous number. This app can be installed in such devices and make calls or sms your friends.

    You can even spend few dollars to buy credits that can be used to make cheap calls to Friends in United States and Canada. Now, let’s see how to use this app for other purpose.

    Whatsapp Installation with PassCode

    When you install Whatsapp for the first time, it will ask for your phone number to verify your number with an SMS message with a PassCode. If the SMS does not work out, it will attempt to make an automated call & when you attend the call, an automated voice will tell you the pass code.

    Use Whatsapp Without Using Your Phone Number

    Use Whatsapp Without Using Your Phone Number

    If you enter the Passcode, installation will complete and it will list the friends in your contact list who are also using Whatsapp.

    So, we need to look for apps that can give us a temporary number than can be used to get a call or sms during the installation process.

    Text+ or Next+ To Get Confirmation Call or SMS

    One such app that can help us in installation confirmation process is Next+ (or Text+). Install this app from Play store, Register with your Email ID and other details requested by app. Once the installation and registration process is over, browse settings or profile in the Next+ App.

    It will give you a phone number. If you make a call to that number from another phone, you will get a call. So, this is almost acts as a valid phone number, which can be used to identify you.

    Don’t think about faking people with this number. You are providing mail id and also device details might be stored in the App’s server. Don’t treat the flexibility provided by App to your advantage.

    Alternate Number Available – But How To Use It For Whatsapp?

    Uninstall Whatsapp in your device after proper backup is done. Now, follow the below steps.

    1. Connect Your device to Internet.
    2. Note down the number from Next+ app.
    3. Install Whatsapp and provide the number noted in above Step.
    4. Now, the installation will send an SMS with passcode to Next+.
    5. If SMS fails give permission to installation to make you a call with Passcode.
    6. Provide this pass code to installation confirmation step.

    That’s it. Now, you are running Whatsapp with a completely different phone number in seconds. The disadvantage of this method is that, it is not sure how long Next+ will provide you this phone number. In case, if it is assigned to some other person and he also try to install Whtasapp in his device, then there are chances that you will loss all the chat history.

    There are other apps like Skype also that provide you alternate phone numbers that can be used to make you call. But, I haven’t tried others. Use it for Emergency purposes and for good cause.

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