• TN 12th & 10th Standard Exam Results

    Where to get the Exam Results for Class 12 & 10?

    The below page provides the results Link for Class 10 & 12 of TN and Topics which are useful for Students and Parents to Face the Results Anxiety.


    • Check Results
    • Dealing with Result Stress or Disappointing Results
      • Successful People who did not pass in School !!!
    • What to do next?
      • How to Apply for Re-evaluation?
      • Choosing Diploma Course or HSC?

    Check Results

    The Results will be announced from 10 Am IST usually. But, don’t hurry up. There are chances that Website will be slow, since everyone will be checking for results. All the Best to all. Check other Sections till you get Results.

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    Dealing with Result Stress or Disappointing Results

    Whether it is successful or disappointing result, don’t hurry up with any decisions. It is never the End of World. There is no person in the world who wins every Time. You have to consider that this is not your time.

    Yes. It is true that it is difficult to face Friends, Parents, Relatives, and Neighbors. But it is Time to accept whatever has happened and Face everyone.

    For the Parents

     We all know about the Thomas Edison, who invented Electric Light Bulb, Motion Picture Camera and other 1000 Patents for his Inventions. He was dropped out of school at his early education. But, the important factor here is that his Mother was schoolteacher and Edison was home-schooled after he was dropped out.

    This is also a perfect example that Parents also have to support and stand beside their children when they really in need of them.

    Most parents fear that they have to answer the neighbors ans relatives questions. Please keep in mind that your Child is also in the same position. Discuss with him and console him/her about what can be done next. All you need now is to give some courage to your child that there are still chances open for them to survive as a winner in this world.

    He/She could be another Edition of Edison in future.

    Coming out of Failures – For Students

    In an IPL (#IPL2014 Points Table) CSK Vs SRH Match, Chennai Team Lost the Match. But, still Dhoni has to accept that Failure, Face the Media, give hope to his fans for next match. Not only Dhoni, If you are a captain, you have to face both Success and Failure.

    5 Years Before, BJP lost the Elections. Think about their Mental Stress at that Moment. They have to Face the Media and then analyze why they lost. Now it is a Big Win for them.

    So, Learning to Face Failure will make you a strong person. It is always about keeping your Hopes Alive. Trees which face strong wind will grow strong.

    Good timber does not grow with ease the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees

    Google for these Topics and you will get the Proof in front of your eyes.

    What to do next?

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