• Swastika -A Symbol known to bring Prosperity & Good Fortune

    I always wanted to try this Swastika Rangoli design. I use to stare at this one when drawn in my neighborhood places, but was never able to recreate it. It always looked simple, but often confused went blank when I tried it. (May be it is actually very simple one, somehow it took lot of time for me to learn it !!!)

    Recently tried it out and it came out beautifully. Still need to work on improving the symmetry, but other than that my Swastika symbol just came out perfect on a wonderful morning day !!!

    Swastika symbol has a long history from the ancient times and it still finds prominent place in the modern world society. Usage of this symbol is widely seen in several religions like Hinduism / Buddhism.

    This symbol was also favoured by Hitler and adopted as a Germany national symbol & also depicted in the German flag during World War II times. Yes, if we recall the Nazis cruelty, it doesn’t correlate with the meaning of the Swastika symbol and may be this is an exception.

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