A Closer look at Everyday Religion Practices \ Beliefs

    There are various everyday practices followed that are linked to tune the Subconscious Mind Power and helps to keep the Body & Mind in good health.

    • Prayer time – Don’t be ignorant anymore
    • Influencing the Power of Mind
    • Dreams are Important
    • Reasoning out the Beliefs
    Subconscious Mind Power

    Subconscious Mind Power

    Prayer – Another form of Meditation



    Any beliefs or practices that are being followed regularly are closely linked to human mind. So, as a person if he or she strongly believes in a practice, prayer or religion, it is not correct for anyone to make fun or criticise it. Because there are numerous neural reactions happen within our mind while following such practices regularly and often it yields a positive result.

    • Prayer creates an opportunity to talk to our own Subconscious mind. So, when we put forth our goals/thoughts, we will also create a visual picture of it and it will induce our sub-conscious mind to prepare a plan to make our thoughts/goals happen in our life.
    • One’s Inner thoughts are so strong that whatever beliefs that are crafted in our mind, it is real for sure.
    • Prayer is like a harvesting a thought in our mind deeply. So, spare 10-20 mins daily and talk to yourself to indulge in good life.
    • Since prayer is always done in a Calm Ambience and with Focussed Mind, Prayer often routes us to our destiny.
    • Prayer can also be understood as another form of Meditation or Thought processing.

    Power of Mind

     There is also famous quote by Swami Vivekanada on this, he said this after realizing the Power of The Mind.

    Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life; dream of it; think of it; live on that idea. Let the brain, the body, muscles, nerves, every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, and this is the way great spiritual giants are produced.

    For this reason, we are best advised to have Short-Term and Long-Term goals in our life. And if our thoughts are also in sync, it will emerge as a huge success.

    Today is Mirror of Yesterday’s Dreams

    Dream Big

    Dream Big

     I’ve always believed in myself and my capabilities to claim up the ladder in the life so far and of course I’m not denying the motivation & support that we get from family and friends. But rooting the thoughts in our mind and positive attitude should be taken care by oneself for hugging the success.

    • Often you must have heard from successful people that they’ve always dreamt of this victory snapshot thousand times. Indeed those thoughts have influenced their sub-conscious mind and triggered every other attempt to achieve their goal.
    • “God” can be realized or imagined in any forms, it could be a Person, Thing or Thought. But if he or she truly believes in their imagined form, their dreams will come true and that is quite often realized as “Faith” in most of the religious principles.
    • Yes, you can day-dream about your future and can think about growing your business, living happy life, building a dream house, etc… Stronger your thought, faster it will become a Reality!!!

    Reason out the Hard Followed Practices – Wisdom of Truth

     Whatever Faith that was imposed on yourself by your family or your surroundings, if you happen to believe it so far, how silly it can be, let it be. Just go by it & don’t worry about the criticism and if possible, try to invest time in reasoning out. This will help you to get a clear Conscience of Mind and will help to achieve greater success. And more than believing it in anything else, Believe in You.

    In childhood days, most of us were asked to visit Temples and do Pooja at home every-day. But most of the beliefs were surrounded by superstitious principles and it would’ve been difficult time for every parent to answer our questions and most of the times questions went unanswered.

    But for an adult, it is easier to find out the keys to those unanswered questions with the wisdom provided by education and life’s experience(not denying the key resource ‘Internet’). Just we need to look out with interest and the answer will just be lying next to us.

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    Fear of Heights & Run Away from Fasting!!!

    • Temples are built in hill stations and in old times, we need to climb up the long & fearing steps to offer the prayer. Now most of us know the reason behind it that it helps the heart to pump the blood fast acting as a very good cardio exercise. That’s why our elders were forcing us to visit the temples in mountains at least once in a month.

    Yes, if there is a human-friendly & in-use walking route exists to reach the hill top, try to substitute it instead of driving in your car.

    • Even the tourist spot surrounded by Mountains and Natural Scenes attracts more people and suggested by Doctors for relieving from Stress.
    • Fasting is another thing that is embraced by every other religion. When you need to stay Self-Control, the first best thing that you can try out is to follow fasting and try skipping a meal. Without realizing it, we are able to adopt a habit so easily and also become a more determined person.
    • If you consider the Salah/Namaaz Prayer (in Muslim) that is followed 5 times a day, it activates the
      seven energy fields of human body and helps to keep mind & body in good health.
    • Good mind attracts Good thoughts and it is not like magnets. People visiting Temple or any religious places will have positive thoughts and it gets reflected in everyone’s mind. That is why we have often felt the peace and calmer mind during spiritual visit.

    If our elders preach us to do daily exercises for good health, we would simply ignore it. Mainly because of this key reason, most of the beliefs and practices followed in the name of religion are forced upon us. So, just look out through wisdom of eyes and find out hidden secrets.

    Don’t just ignore or criticize any practices or beliefs, try to reason out before deciding upon it.

    Impossible always says I’m Possible, so Dream Big and Always Harvest in Good Thoughts to create a Greater society and Human Life.

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