• Rangoli Kolam and Indian Weddings go Hand-in-Hand

    This one was done on the day prior to my bro wedding. We do have customs performed prior to wedding and lot of guests will be invited to home to grace the occasion. Usually weddings are done in marriage halls or in temples in Hindu religion.

    This is very Simple Rangoli Design made with vibrant colors.You really needn’t be great artist for creating these sort of Rangolis.

    Since it is still a great feeling to have guests & kids coming to our home, usually small functions or engagement parties are planned at home.

    Simple Rangoli Designs

    Simple Rangoli Designs

    There were already lot of kolams made using rice flour around the house, but still wanted to make a colorful one.

    And I did the initial design around 3am in the morning and it was taken over by my cousin’s daughters[ School studying gals 🙂 ] . They did beautify it very well. And of course, it did not miss the impress the eyes of my Bro Wedding Photographer.

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