• Simply Beautiful – Isn’t it ?

    Am I slowly creating better circles in my Rangoli ? I think yes, I feel so !!!
    I felt really wonderful after drawing this Rangoli design.

    Freehand Rangoli Designs - Circles

    Freehand Rangoli Designs – Circles

    Rangoli Kolams are made in a clean floor before sunrise. Usually we sweep the floor thoroughly to clean the dust in the floor and water is sprinkled on the canvas where kolam needs to be drawn.

    It is good to draw the kolam when the surface is still damp so that it gets settled nicely on the floor. In villages, floor is cleaned with cow dung water and kolam is made after that.

    And there is a science behind, as cow dung is known be a very good antiseptic and it helps to keep the house away from bacterial and viral infections.

    Kolam is nowadays considered as a key decorator for festival / occasions. But in the old days it was meant to serve as a food for ants. In those days, Kolam is made using wet Rice floor so that ants get food nearby to our house.

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