• It is true that you can Win her heart with a bouquet of roses !!!

    Wanted to try a flower bouquet kind of a design and what you see here is the output 🙂

    I just started with the 3 little hearts that is seen at the bottom and from there, branched out the stems and drew every other flower petal design that comes in the flow. It is not a perfect design and it is not my motto too. I generally make the designs as it comes and would love to peek at the floor many times during that day.

    Bouquet Flower Rangoli Designs

    Bouquet Flower Rangoli Designs

    What makes me to stick on to Rangoli… Here is the Secret !!!

    There are so many tips & ideas to wake up early and I’ve tried several ideas at different times. And I failed in almost all the attempts ( i.e., I couldn’t carry on regularly) and it wasn’t that easy to beat me as I always use to be a late riser.

    Of all the ideas that I tried, 2 ideas were working good. One was teaming with my neighbours for morning walk and the other one is making Rangoli before 7am (hahaha ..you might’ve thought that I was trying for 4am !!! that is very far away from me & I’ve to cross seas & oceans to achieve that 4am ) .

    I would say that this everyday Rangoli is performing better in waking me up early and mainly it gives lot of relaxation to the soul. And the key fact is that I’m loving it.

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