Simple Leaf Kolam with Straight Dots

Simple Leaf Kolam with Straight Dots (11 to 1)

  Simple Kolam made using Straight Dots. You can add colours or add any patterns to your imagination. Here, lines are used for filling. Beginners can easily draw these kolams and since pattern is repetitive, it can be learned in minutes of time. Dots Pattern: Straight Dots – Start with… [Continue Reading]

Neli Kolam with Straight Dots 13 x 1 - Simple

Neli Kolam with Dots

Neli Kolam with Dots — Ready to take up the Challenge? I know this Neli Kolam from my school days. Till Tenth grade, there were chances to try out Kolam at home. But after that, I was always out of home town for education and also work. Whenever I was… [Continue Reading]

Straight Dots 15 x 1 Neli Kolam

Neli Kolam with Straigh Dots – 15 to 1

Lovely Neli Kolam made with Straight Dots This Neli Kolam design was drawn at home using paint. And you know what, it was drawn by me during my school days ( I couldn’t recall when I drew it !) . Recently I’ve again got interest in kolam designs and wanted… [Continue Reading]

Neli Kolam - Medium Complexity - Straight Dots ( 15 x 1, 13 x 2, 9 x 2, 5 x 2, 1)

Simple Neli Kolam with Straight Dots

Delight to the Eyes This is my favorite Dotted Curve Kolam ( It is called ‘Neli Kolam’ or ‘Kambi Kolam’ in Tamil) . This one is easier to draw as it has many straight lines and can be finished in 15 mins of time. But it is better to try… [Continue Reading]