Neli Kolam with Straight Dots 13 x 1 - Simple

Neli Kolam with Dots

Neli Kolam with Dots — Ready to take up the Challenge? I know this Neli Kolam from my school days. Till Tenth grade, there were chances to try out Kolam at home. But after that, I was always out of home town for education and also work. Whenever I was… [Continue Reading]

Straight Dots 15 x 1 Neli Kolam

Neli Kolam with Straigh Dots – 15 to 1

Lovely Neli Kolam made with Straight Dots This Neli Kolam design was drawn at home using paint. And you know what, it was drawn by me during my school days ( I couldn’t recall when I drew it !) . Recently I’ve again got interest in kolam designs and wanted… [Continue Reading]

Neli Kolam with Dots for Beginners

Rangoli Designs for Beginners – Neli Kolam

Learn how to draw a simple Neli Kolam for beginners with straight dots from 9 to 1. Little girls interested in Neli kolam start with these simple designs.

Neli Kolam - Medium Complexity - Straight Dots ( 15 x 1, 13 x 2, 9 x 2, 5 x 2, 1)

Simple Neli Kolam with Straight Dots

Delight to the Eyes This is my favorite Dotted Curve Kolam ( It is called ‘Neli Kolam’ or ‘Kambi Kolam’ in Tamil) . This one is easier to draw as it has many straight lines and can be finished in 15 mins of time. But it is better to try… [Continue Reading]

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