• Colorful Welcome for the New Year Day

    New Year Rangoli - TamilNadu and Kerala

    New Year Rangoli 2014

    Tamil New year is a big festival celebrated in TamilNadu, India to welcome the first day of the Tamil calendar year. Temples will be crowded with devotees to get the first blessings from God and usually special poojas will be performed marking the New Year 2014 beginning.

    I decorated our floor with this Colorful Rangoli to welcome the Tamil New Year 2014. We’ve names set for each year and the names are defined in the 60 year cycle followed from Ancient culture. This year 2014 is called as “Jaya”.

    About Fruits and Gold Story

    In the marketsplace, you could witness high prices for Fruits. There is a belief that we should see Fruits, Gold & Money as first thing in the morning so that prosperity and happiness spreads in this year. For this reason, people usually buy the fruits a day prior and will decorate it in Aarathi Plate on New Year’s Eve. And family members are advised to see this Aarathi plate as soon as they wake up, to embrace this visual treat to the eyes on New Year Day. In some places follow the practice of seeing Gold as first thing in the morning.

    Though there are lot of differences of belief in these practices, it does brighten the mind in the morning and helps to welcome the new year in good hope and freshen mind.

    Vishu – The New Year Festival of Kerala

    Kerala’s New Year called Vishu also mostly falls on the same day as that of Tamil New Year and it is an important festival celebrated all over Kerala. There are also various customs and celebrations practiced to grace the new year occasion.

    Whenever I think of Vishu, the first thing it comes to my mind is the Yellow Flowers(also called as “Konrai Poo in Tamil” or “Konna Kani in Malayalam” or “Cassia Fistula as Science named it“). I’m a big lover of Yellow and you will lose yourself in the visual treat of Yellow flowers which usually blossom in April-May month. If are living around Coimbatore or Kerala, it is highly impossible if you havent seen these flowers yet. This tree is a good resistant of heat and that is another reason that it blossoms full during Summer.

    Even one of my friend checked with TamilNadu Agriculture University for the plant saplings after getting to know my craze on this Yellow flower. But unfortunately, couldn’t implant this yet and it is still in my to-do list.

    It is a difficult task to find the leaves as the tree will be full of these yellow flowers. I often feel this as “Grapes Bunch” and just love it. This flower Cassia Fistula is a national flower of Thailand.

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