• Delight to the Eyes

    This is my favorite Dotted Curve Kolam ( It is called ‘Neli Kolam’ or ‘Kambi Kolam’ in Tamil) .

    Simple Neli Kolam with Straight Dots

    Neli Kolam – Medium Complexity – Straight Dots ( 15 x 1, 13 x 2, 9 x 2, 5 x 2, 1)

    This one is easier to draw as it has many straight lines and can be finished in 15 mins of time. But it is better to try out with paper before trying it on the floor as it is not auspicious to make mistakes while drawing the Kolam in the floor.

    Find Out here: Rangoli Designs

    Straight Dots Pattern:

    Start with 15 Dots followed by 13 Dots twice, 9 Dots twice, 5 Dots twice and finish it with single dot 1.

    With the same dots combination, there is another Neli Kolam pattern that I know, will need to try it on the floor and will post it.

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