• Lovely Neli Kolam made with Straight Dots

    Neli Kolam with Straigh Dots - 15 to 1

    Neli Kolam with Straigh Dots – 15 to 1

    This Neli Kolam design was drawn at home using paint. And you know what, it was drawn by me during my school days ( I couldn’t recall when I drew it !) . Recently I’ve again got interest in kolam designs and wanted to try this out.

    When I went to Mom’s place, I just tried to remember the designs and after 2 days or so back at my home, I tried to recreate it and I failed. So when I visited Mom’s place next time, I again tried to remember the patterns and tried it on paper during night. And I was able to create it…. whoaaa !!! ( I never bothered to check whether I drew it correctly as it appeared perfect for my eyes !)

    Mother is always stands as a good teacher, we will never witness or feel the struggle of learning.

    Back home, I tried it on the floor and it was one another day that I was showing my kolam designs’ photos to my mom and she told that there is a small mistake in it 🙁 [ she observed it in the next second, not sure how she did it !!! It seems that rounded dots at four places is not correct !!]

    I’m yet to try the corrected version,  will post the corrected version of this Kolam soon !!!

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