• Neli Kolam for Beginners (Dots 9 to 1 )!!! 

    Learn this very simple Neli Kolam for beginners with straight Dots using our easy tips on how to make it.

    This can be created in few minutes of time. Little Girls who are interested to learn simple neli kolam with dots can start with these kind of simple designs. I will try to upload few more small size designs in this post soon.

    Simple Neli Kolam with Dots for Beginners

    Simple Neli Kolam Design – Straight Dots ( 9 to 1 )

    Whenever I’ve very little time not enough to draw big sized kolams or my mind is very blank to think of any designs, I choose these simple ones.

    Though this neli kolam looks simple, you have to practice this even for few times to get the curves right. If you are just now starting with your first even neli kolam, then it will be hard to hold the powder in your hand. It wont drop evenly through out the design.

    Practice your first Simple Neli Kolam with Dots

    To start your practices with neli kolam, download the design in this page & start to draw it in a notebook. If you repeat this few times, you will get used to the design and you will be able to make a perfect neli kolam.

    After drawing it in notebook, if it is still tough for you, then you can try to draw it with a chalk on the floor. It will make the job easy for you.


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