• Simple Lotus Kolam Design with Dots

    This is a beautiful and simple Lotus kolam made using straight dots. If we colour it, it will look more good like a Lotus Rangoli with dots.

    Dots Pattern:
    Start with 15 dots in the center and stop at 1 by putting straight dots at both sides.

    Lotus Kolam with Straight Dots ( 15 to 1)

    Lotus Kolam with Straight Dots ( 15 to 1)


    Lotus Kolam with dots Design Step by Step

    Once you are done with dots, either start with neli kolam at the center and then start to join dots to complete the Lotus from Outer most dot. Or you can also start from outer to inside with Lotus.

    This is a very simple lotus kolam with dots that can be made from either ways. Before you actually make it on floor, try to practice few times on a notebook. This will make you more comfortable with the neli kolam and Lotus design. So that you wont make any mistakes while you actually make it.

    If you color the Lotus Rangoli, then use apt colors with pink and green for leaves. Hope you enjoy the design. Please leave us a comment for any suggestions.

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