• No Compass Ruler & Geometry Box in Rangoli Syllabus

    This is not a perfect Rangoli, but still tried my level best in drawing the circle shape 🙂
    In the center, I did not tune the design perfectly and in the outer round, managed with flower again.

    This is a very simple flower which is drawn during our early school days( yeah.. kinder garden days) and yet it came out well.

    Rangoli Design for Beginners

    Rangoli Design for Beginners – Circle Shape

    I still have to learn a lot to art the perfection, but I hope these designs can be drawn daily considering the busiest schedule in our life. Perfect for a learner in Rangoli to try out !!!.

    Rangoli is a mix of combinations and permutations of design patterns that reflects in our mind for that instant moment whereas Pulli Kolam is a defined pattern with dots & designs laid out already.

    So, lighter days where mind is blank, I generally choose Rangoli as there are no restrictions.

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