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    Festivals are essential part of our life. They are inherited from our ancient culture and there are numerous reasons behind it. Though practices and rituals associated to the festivals were evolved dramatically, it is still an important aspect in our everyday life.

    This Rangoli was drawn at home during our village temple festival. Depending on their culture, different types of Rangolis(Rangoli, Sikku Kolam, Rangoli with Flowers, Pulli Kolam) are drawn during festival time all over India.

    Importance of Celebrating Festivals In India

    Festival Rangoli Designs

    Festivals bring lot of positive energy in our life, lets see the key Importance of celebrating festivals,

    1. Festival is the perfect synonym for Holiday. Festivals are also served as a holiday time for kids & family and helps to spend considerable amount of time together.
    2. Brings out peace of mind and erases negative thoughts.
    3. Healthier Environment – when it is Festival time, first and foremost activity that is done in the houses is “Cleaning”.
    4. Unity – paves the way to bring the crowd close to each other and favors good human relationships.
    5. Nurture Friendships – We often plan to meet our family and friends during festival occasion & it adds strong bonding and joy to oneself.
    6. It is also a time to own New Clothes and everybody loves to dress up nicely on festival days & visit their spiritual places.
    7. It will be great “Yummy-time for our taste buds” as our home will be loaded with lots of sweets and savories.
    8. People willing to buy household items or any property or jewellery, will wait and plan it to buy it on anyfestival day as it is considered auspicious and will bring good fortune.
    9. It will be the busiest and profitable time for any market or shop owners. Merchandise owners often lay out a strategic plan to target the festival time.
    10. Festival do bring prosperity to the country as there will be high transactions during festival time.

    For each festival, there is an in-depth story and history. Nowadays with busiest work schedule and ignorance of the culture,festivals are often celebrated with no clues on its history. Lets spare sometime at least on festival day to know about the origin and educate our family on it.

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