• How To block Someone in Whatsapp?

    Here are the quick steps to block someone in Whatsapp.

    From Whatsapp Chat Window:

    1. Open Whatsapp messenger.
    2. Open Chat of the Person you want to Block.
    3. Click Settings (3 dots) on top right corner of Chat window.
    4. Click on ‘More’.
    5. Select ‘Block’ and confirm the option.

    From Whatsapp  Contacts:

    1. Open Whatsapp Messnger.
    2. Open contacts & search for the contact you want to block.
    3. Open the persons contact.
    4. Scroll down.
    5. Choose ‘Block’ & confirm.

    This is how a person can be blocked in Whatapp.

    If We block someone in Whatsapp What Happens?

    • The person will not be able to contact you through the Whatapp Messenger.
    • They will not get any notification about your status messages.
    • Your display picture will become blank in their Whatsapp.
    • Messages sent by the blocked person will not be sent to you. (So they can always see only a single tick in their chat window).

    Meaning, he/she will be able to message or make call to you. But, you will not receive the calls or messages. This way you are safe from spammers & people who annoy you.

    This is an option that Whatsapp provides for you to be safe from annoying people.

    If I Block someone in Whatsapp, will they know?


    Whatsapp does not give the other person any notification that you have blocked them. But, they will slowly can realize that you have done so when they are not able to see your Whatsapp DP images, status and also when whatever the message they sent it not delivered to you.

    So, Whatsapp will not give any explicit notification to them. But they can understand that you have done so through the above symptoms.

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