• Frosting Slime

    The word itself reminds of the creamy frosting we see upon the cake.  The thick creamy & cheesy frosting on cake is yummy for our taste buds.

    Now it is the feast for your eyes & hands to feel the frosting slime. Though the materials list is bit lengthy and the procedure is long it’s worth doing for its look and relaxing feature.

    Materials to make Frost Slime

    • Pva glue
    • Corn starch
    • Shaving foam
    • Colour paint
    • Borax solution
    • Instant snow
    • Daiso clay
    • Water

    Step to make Frosting Slime

    • Into the bowl goes the pva glue and water first blend them well.
    • To it add the cornstarch as much as thickness you need and blend them well . It will now look like the whisked cream cheese
    • Along with this add in the shaving foam and mix them together
    • To this add the instant snow and mix if you feel the mixture is watery you can add in cornstarch into it
    • Now knead it well into the slime once it thickens add in the daiso clay and knead it again it may become sticky again add in the borax solution and knead again
    • The creamy frosting slime is now ready not to eat but to play and have fun

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