• Making Holi More Memorable

    Yesterday,I sat down to order few water guns and balloons for rang panchmi. As I was thirsty,I got hold of my bottle to quench my thirst. Unfortnately,only a drop of water was lying in the bottom of the bottle. All I could sense was this drop was jumping and enjoying seeing my online order.

    I asked the drop: Oh hello, what are you so elated about?

    Drop: Please complete your order. The more number of water guns and balloons you will order this holi, more i will get scarce. My Scarcity will breed my importance.

    Happy Holi Festival

    Happy Holi Festival

    I interrupted saying: Wait a second.How come you are wishing for your own extinction?

    Drop: Lol!Because value of any thing is retained only before getting it or after losing it.only 0.002% of water is drinkable. Waste now and just taste it later.

    I replied: Please stop your crap talk and let me list down some songs for rain dance during Holi.

    Drop murmuring happily: Rang Barse bheege aur kal paani ko Tarse..

    Consider Saving Water – We are Not against Holi

    I asked: Playing with water on one day can’t just bring a drought.

    Drop replied: Yes,Just the quantity will be minimised.I can’t wait for the day when having water will be a sign of luxury as like having a Gold and diamond.

    I replied: Whatever!These things doesn’t happen overnight. Playing holi is very important as of now.

    Drop began singing: Yes do me a favour, please play Holi.
    In Maharshtra only 25% of the reservoirs are full.In Marathwada only 5% are full. Soon your future will blow if you don’t save this H2O.

    In a serious tone i asked: What future consequences are you talking of?

    Drop retorted: That future where your child will have to clean his potty with tissue.
    That future where  drip by drip water will slip.
    That future where your every drop of wasted water will cause a harm to your unborn daughter.
    Just wait and think,what if you have no water to even drink?

    I responded: True!I can’t desert my future and i won’t.Hey drop,don’t you worry,your scarcity and abundance won’t affect your importance.You are and will be the most basic gem thing forever.

    Drop:Oh really!I hope you humans understand my importance soon.

    I retorted: Yes,we will.I appeal to everyone today,
    Go dry on this holi with laughter, Celebrate the festival of colours without water, Put a tap on the tap Else our life will soon end and wrap.

    Author: Rucha Sarda

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