• Whatsapp Profile Picture Privacy Settings

    Learn how to hide Whatsapp profile picture from certain contacts?

    If you have not enabled this option, then any stranger who has your mobile number can view your WhatsApp profile picture & status. To make it worse, you will not even know who are all the people peeking into your profile without your knowledge.

    To block such attempts, You have 2 options to hide WhatsApp profile picture, status & last seen time-stamp from unknown people.

    • First option: is about ‘how to hide Whatsapp profile picture from certain contacts only?’.
    • Second option: is about ‘Whatsapp profile picture for contacts only’ i.e., to hide profile picture from everyone whom you don’t know.

    Note: As of now, it is not sure whether this Whatsapp Security option is enabled in all versions. But, worth giving a try.

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    How to Hide Profile Picture on Whatsapp?

    Open your WhatsApp messenger & follow this navigation steps to open up privacy settings.

    From WhatsApp -> Go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy

    The resulting page will have the following profile information details. You have to tweak these settings to limit the access to your profile picture & status updates that is seen by outside world.


    • Last Seen
    • Profile Photo
    • Status

    Below this there will have a option to view blocked contacts & another option to enable “Read receipts”. Lets see these options later. Now we will focus only on hiding profile picture to strangers.

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    Who can See my Whatsapp Profile Picture?

    For each of the above listed option (Last seen, Profile photo & Status)WhatsApp messenger provides flexibility to limit Access among the three different user groups listed below.

    • Everyone           – Anybody who has your Mobile number. Low level WhatsApp Security , Open to all users.
    • My contacts     – Open only to your Friends who are in your WhatsApp Contact list.
    • Nobody               – Closed to everyone. No one can see any of your WhatsApp status updates. Only messaging is enabled.

    By Default user group ‘Everyone’ will be in enabled state for all your profile info, meaning that anyone can view your status updates if they have your phone number. To limit this, you should revise the Whatsapp profile picture privacy option in this app settings page.

    Click on each option & change the user group to ‘My contacts‘ or ‘Nobody’ to enable maximum security for your Profile photo. There is no WhatsApp security option to provide user level privacy setting for individual contacts. For now, it allows only restrictions to User Groups.

    How to hide dp in Whatsapp for Particular contact?

    Whatsapp block Profile picture: Apart from the above options, if you want to block a person from messaging you or block someone from seeing your profile picture, then

    • Add his number to Whatsapp contacts list,
    • Click on his contact
    • Click option in right hand top of messenger screen.
    • Choose option ‘More’.
    • Click on ‘Block’.

    This will add that that persons number to blocked list. If a number is in the blocked list, then that person will not be able to see any updates from you neither he/she can message you.

    At end of Profile Privacy setting, you will be able to view blocked contacts & another option to enable “Read receipts”. Click on the ‘Blocked contacts’ to view a complete list of contacts whom you have blocked.

    Note: Before blocking a person with this option, take care that you are not accidentally blocking your Friends number. If you bock them accidentally, then they will not be able to send you any messages & also it will hide profile picture in Whatsapp for your friend too. They cannot view any of your Whatsapp Status updates.

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