• I learnt this Kolam very recently and got to know that this is usually drawn during pongal time in earlier days.  In Old Times, most of the houses will contain ‘Central Courtyards’ which acts like a heart of the home. This central courtyard architecture helps to live a life by aligning and balancing our self to that of outside climate. This Kolams are drawn in the ‘Central Courtyard’ area to welcome the festival days.

    If you look closely to this Heritage Pongal Kolam design, this is very closely related to mind concentration. You cannot draw this Kolam absent minded and there is no doubt that this Kolam will awaken your mind fresh. After making 4 symmetric shapes, we can draw any Neli Kolam patterns inside the boxes.

    Heritage Pongal Kolam

    Heritage Pongal Kolam

    Be it morning sunlight or drizzling rain or cool breeze, you could sense it inside our home. It is like living a life very much closer to mother nature. Nowadays, it is very rare to find these type of houses. But I still think that they are the best and may be in the future, it might come back as new architecture trend.

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