• Sending Message with Voice Commands in Messengers

    Technologies around Smart Phones keep on improvising day by day. The way we interact

    with this device upgrades so fast. It is almost like Jarvis in Iron Man movie.

    You give voice commands & speak with Jarvis. It behaves as an assistant and completes your work. Likewise Google Now supported launching Android Apps by giving a command ‘Ok Google Launch <App Name>’.

    Also,  it enabled few interactions with Android System functionalities like send a Text Message, Calling a person from your Contact list, Setting a Remainder or Alarm, Play Music etc.,


    Few example Voice commands to interact with Android system are listed. Install & Enable Google Now, then Say ‘Ok Google’ followed by below commands:

    • Make a Call to <Person Name>
    • Send Message To <Person Name> <Message>
    • Set Alarm
    • Set a Remainder
    • Launch Hangout or Launch Youtube
    • Play Music <Song Name>

    Different Types of Voice Commands To Send Message in Whatsapp?

    Now they have gone one step ahead, in accessing the functionality of messenger apps. You don’t have to stare & search for the tiny keys to type your long text messages.

    Just compose & send text messages in the popular Messengers like Whatsapp, Hangout, Viber, Vine, WeChat etc., with Google Now Voice Commands.


    Some of the Example Commands are given below.

    • Send a Message to <Person Name> in WhatsApp
    • Send a WhatsApp Message to <Person Name>
    • Send Message to <Person Name> through WhatsApp

    Not only in Whatsapp, can commands of similar type be used to send messages in other Messengers if they are installed in your Android Phone.

    There is one constraint with these options to work. You device should be connected to Internet for any Voice command to be recognized and action to be taken.

    Other Interesting Voice Commands in Google Now

    Apart from Launching Apps in your Device, integrating with Messengers to Send messages Google Now can also fetch your search results instantly from Internet & give you the results back with Voice or Speech. For example try this command:

    • What is the capital of India?
    • Who is the President of United States?
    • What is the Mass of Oxygen Atom?
    • What’s the Distance between Earth and Sun?
    • Show me Nearest Restaurants
    • Show me the Weather

    The above commands gives instant results by fetching result from Internet. There are other commands as well that will open a Google search result page, that does not provide a voice support.

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