• Everyone’s First Hero is Our Father

    Father's Day

    June 15th 2014 – Father’s Day – It is all about Love and Care

    Though we’ve grown big and have started a family of our own, for our parents we are still a “Child”. And being brought up in a conservative family, almost for all the first visits to the outside world like a new school, college, work… be it anything… happen to embrace all these times with daddy.

    Father is the first person who accompanied everywhere and introduced the outside world by holding hands. Father is like a torch & he gave all the required resources to find the best life ahead for their children and also stood nearby helping in times when we lost the directions.

    Synonym for FATHER reads as,

    • F  – Friend
    • A –  Achiever
    • T  – Teacher
    • H – Hero
    • E – Energetic Person
    • R – Respectful

    Have you watched the Italian movie “Life is Beautiful”:

    Life is Beautiful(1997) is a wonderful movie dated back to the history of World War II. There are lot of takeaways in it and it showcases a beautiful Father-Son love. Both Father & Son(a young child) of Jewish family will end up in a Nazi concentration camp. Father will depict all the happenings in the camp in the form of a game so that it doesn’t terror the young child. Father constantly teaches the lessons learnt from everyday happenings and also will encourage boy to stay calm & not adamant otherwise the points will be lost and other quiet boys will earn more points & win.

    Father’s character was done so well and you will immensely get admired to the intelligence and the love towards his son. At the end, Father couldn’t escape from Nazi & taken for execution, but young boy will be hiding away from the body guards(a part in a game to win points) and later he will rescued by the American army troops & reunited with his mother.

    Final message was all about living a satisfied life in any situations and to develop never- give-up Attitude. Good movie to catch up if you are under the thought that life is treating you badly. It will erase all your illusions & worries about future and you will feel fresh courage & attitude to face the life.

    Last but not the least, Love story depicted in the starting part of the movie is just splendid, utmost brilliant and I bet you cannot miss falling in love with the couple & their story.

    Never Forget the Path that your Parents traveled by

    Whatever life that we are living today was shaped up by the dedication and sacrifices from our parents. Everyone’s life is different and challenges faced by our parents may not be exactly same as that of the movie. There is no doubt that such sacrifices were done & they’ve done as much as they can and still doing it to help us lead a better life.

    Though our parents might not fancy the today’s WIFI life, they are the BEST and no one cares so much like they do. We will take an oath to do things to make them happy and help them to live a satisfied life.

    Thoughts on Father’s Day Celebrations

    Lets not reserve the celebrations and love to our parents only on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Be it any day, be affectionate to them and try to be supportive in all possible ways.

    Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year.As grown up in a conservative family, Father’s Day is just another day for me and cannot think of saying “love you” or giving gifts to my Daddy. Unspoken words add more value and my guess is that my parents also would like it that way. Feelings are best when they are not spoken aloud.

    But this may not be case for everyone, so go head and enjoy your way of celebrations. And never forget the base and always behave as a good child to your parents.

    Please feel free to share your experiences and thoughts on Father’s Day.

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