• Secure your Social Media Profile – But How?

    With respect to Facebook or any Social media, there is always some good or bad things keep on happening.

    To list few good things: It is easy to get in touch with our collegues and friends even when you are thousands of miles away, sometimes urent medical emergencies are fulfilled, helps business people to reach large audience etc.,

    To list few bad things: Your Personal details are getting compromised, Too much addiction of checking your Timeline often, huge identify theft leading to many fake accounts and monetary loss etc.,

    But when you look closely, the points mentioned as Bad are the cause of our negligence while creating new profiles in social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,. Its all mainly due to the lack of understanding of security measures present in any social media tool. In this article, we will focus on how to secure the photos shared on Facebook .

    Do You know Stranger Can Download Your Facebook Profile Picture?

    Often we see update note from facebook to reconfirm that all the security settings are maintained correctly. Most of us just create and fail to revise security settings by promptly ignoring the update note that is posted on regular basis from Facebook. So, If you have to blame someone for most of the mistakes that happen around any Social Media, it would be You.

    If your profile security setting is not god enough, then a stranger can view your profile picture using the below command.

    https://graph.facebook.com/[FB-ID]/picture? height=350&width=250

    Read More on using Facebook Graph API to Archive Facebook Messages

    Addition of New features in the Facebook privacy setting seems to go on and there has been no end to it. Though there are so many settings that have been added recently the accounts are still at stake. Unless you know the settings available and you have changed it, your account can be hacked by anyone.

    How To make your Profile Picture Secured or UnClickable?

    Facebook Photo Privacy Setting

    Facebook Photo Privacy Setting

    It has become a trend that the profiles are checked by the unknown people and the profile picture are downloaded and used in the wrong ways. You can stop it through editing your settings.

    When you share any photos on Facebook, make sure that you change the settings to Only friends or Only me or Only acquainted. This will help your pictures to stop from spreading and other people seeing it.

    When you upload your profile picture, don’t forget to change the settings to “Only me”. This will enable everyone to only view your profile without downloading it. When the option is set in Public, all the people who come to your page will be able to see your profile picture and not only that, they can even share and download the picture and use then on their own purposes and wishes.

    It is by default these settings are Public in the Facebook profile and accounts when you have just made it. Unless you go to that option and make the necessary changes, your Profile photos and the cover photos will be in the public view and anyone & everyone can see it.

    Do you Really Use/Aware of these Facebook Privacy Setting?

    Your Facebook profile has an option on the right side of the page to care about your Privacy. The settings button should be clicked and all the settings must be changes in order to secure the profile for all the unknown people and their wrong businesses.

    1. Watchout who sees your Shares
      • Future Posts Visibility – By default, it is Public. Change it to Friends or Friends or Friends or you could explore Custom option that Facebook provides.
      • Use Activity Log – You can review all your past posts & things where you are tagged at and make necessary change in it. Even your comments that you make in others’ pictures and status can be searched. Making the relevant change here will help you limit the audience that see your comments and that can view your profiles through it.
      • Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline – supposedly if you’ve shared old posts without realizing the security setting(may be Public or friends of Friends), you can click on this and it will make all your previous posts in your timeline shared only to your friends. Though this tool makes this change in all your past posts, undoing is not possible in a single go and individual posts needs to be revised. So, think about before making this change.
    2. Specify who can ONLY contact you
      • Friend Requests – Everyone or friends of Friends
      • Messages – Basic Filtering (Public) or Restricted Filtering
    3. Manage who can Look up your profile by providing your registered Email Address or Phone Number (Everyone or Friends or friends of Friends)

    The symbol of globe refers to the public view and avoid it as long as you can. For the account to be secured from hacking and the display profile pictures to be safe, you have to keep these settings updated.

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