• Looking for a Good Start ?

    Very easy Rangoli Design for Beginners to try it out !!!

    Easy Rangoli Designs for Beginners

    Easy Rangoli Designs for Beginners

    Rangoli Design - Learner Level

    Rangoli Design – Learner Level

    During my school days, I never tried Rangoli and always would go with Kolam created with dots. In the later days, whenever I see Rangoli or free hand kolams in the neighborhood, my curiosity went much higher and started tried out free hand designs.

    I’m still learning and would love the designs that is crafted by my mind. Most of the times, I start drawing Rangoli with a blank mind and that is the beauty of it. That too, for busy mornings, I feel Rangoli is best suited as there is no end to our imagination and we can draw almost anything and everything.

    With practice, we will slowly learn to correct / adjust the Rangoli designs to make it Attractive and Appealing to eyes.

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