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    Here you go, this is really Very Simple and Easy Rangoli Design !!!
    Started with Star flower in the center and added stripes pattern. Repeated the 3-leaf flower in the outer end.

    Star Flower Rangoli Design

    Star Flower Rangoli Design

    Yes, when you draw Rangoli in the morning, it does relax the mind.

    In our daily routine, we should try to accommodate the drawing of Rangoli as a part of mind relaxation techniques. And at times, we will really be amazed by the depth of our own creativity skills. I would say that this Rangoli habit really makes as one of the Feel Good Factor about myself.

    Doesn’t it look good, what do you say !!!
    And of course, nobody can deny that it is truly possible for any learner/first timer to recreate this design in few minutes of time.

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