Whatsapp Backup Recover Restore Messages

Whatsapp Backup And Restore Deleted Messages

Whatsapp is not Just Messenger – It is Full of Memories We have most of Friends contacts in Whatsapp & We share loads of memories with them each day. These chat history is all stored only in your local device storage (Phone Memory). Once a chat message is sent to… [Continue Reading]

What happens when you Mute someone on Whatsapp, Hide blue ticks, Unread Chat Messages

Whatsapp Ticks – Mute Messages – Mark as Unread

Whatsapp Ticks in Blue – Messaging Features Explained To activate mute Whatsapp message notification, first keep this app version as the latest one. If your Play store or App store shows your Whatsapp app is up-to-date & still the new features are not active, then visit the app’s official website… [Continue Reading]

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