• It is Sunday – Best time to Recreate Oneself:-)

    Sunday morning and I was at Mom’s home…. so what more you can expect in a pleasant SUNDAY morning !!
    With this light mood created this Beautiful Rangoli Design…this is very simple one created with repeated flower & leaf patterns with line strokes added in it.

    Beautiful Rangoli Design

    Beautiful Rangoli Design

    Since the Kolam powder’s white color blends more good with red color in the sand, usually the designs created in mud sand looks more good than the ones drawn on the cement floor.

    I use to share the Kolam designs to my friends in Whatsapp and one of my friend pointed that in almost all the designs stars always gets a place and from then, I should admit that I’m little cautious when it comes to stars. (ofcourse I’m cautious on the stars only in the design and NOT when it comes to Likes and Review Stars from you all !!! )

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