• Being in Beautiful Love and Itz Craziness

    Being in love is a beautiful feeling. It adds zeal and zest to our life. You will forget all your worries and you will feel you are the luckiest & happiest person in the whole world. Suddenly everything will look good and attractive. You will see and feel only the best in everything. You will feel like you are in heaven.

    It no longer matters how-many-hours-you-stay-awake, what-or-when-to-eat. No more complaints about your roomies who talk over the phone after midnight. Hey Come On, now you will compete with them in chatting for hours together giggling and sharing your sacred secrets. You won’t complain the couple who hold hands in the streets.

    Beautiful Love

    Beautiful Love

    Things which made you squeeze your face will look very silly and you will wonder thyself for those indifferent feeling. People around will tease you for day-dreaming and having that ‘lost’ look on your face. You will kind of cherish all these things internally though you don’t show it out.

    You will discover the poetic talent in you and will write romantic lyrics. At times, even your partner can’t decipher that, but does that really matter as you being ‘amateur writer’? You will start liking yourself and will try out all possible ways to look at your best. You will long for the together moments.

    Expectations are Always a Big Trouble

    I have also experienced the above feelings and lived many more memorable moments. But in due course of time, there was a slight difference in the way I looked at things. I mean, things were all the same, but my way of taking it changed. Days went on with small/silly fights and forgetting all of them in the next minute. We told ourselves that it will help in making our bonding stronger.

    I grew up my expectations even more high and that’s where the trouble-in-love started. I wanted my partner to think/do things in my way. I didn’t really give damn about what I was doing. I had a feeling that I was the one who is always right (Ms. Right!!!).

    I didn’t realize those things at that time and the situation started becoming from bad to worse. Mostly we always hang up the phone with bad mood and displeasure. Many times I have thrown my mobile down (poor one…very soon, it will be a belonging of e-waste family) and walked like strangers on the roads leaving behind sorrowful memories.

    Self Realization helps to Tune back the Right Music & Rhythm in Life

    For anything & everything, there will be a tolerance limit and I also reached that at one point of time. Unhappiness, Loneliness and Frustration slowly started talking to my inner soul and taught me about the things which I shouldn’t dare doing it once more. It made me realize that the basic problem for everything is nobody, but me & my wrong attitude. Thanks for my sixth sense to pull that trigger in my mind at least now! (Better late than never).

    I understood that the basic problem was my ‘Expectations’. It ruined my beautiful life and all my friends too were trembled to come near me and hence stood few yards apart. Love will flourish only if you have willing to accept people as how they are. If you want them to do things in your way, then why don’t you find such a person who already is, rather than troubling other soul to change for your sake? I will tell you one secret here… you will never ever find such a person.

    Give as much as you can without expecting anything, Your returns will be Huge and Worthy.

    Lovely Life

    Lovely Life

    Love is unselfishness art. Reciprocate your love whenever you get a chance or make one. Do thousand things to make your lover happy and never ask anything in return. A true love in turn will gift you million things without being asked for.

    Laugh aloud and share your day happenings. Give pleasant surprises. Enjoy together moments. Don’t expect things, instead you do things.

    Love is like a sapling. It needs nourishment of care and affection to blossom your life. Your life will be beautiful and you will travel along the path of happiness.

    Best wishes for your beautiful life, yes when you’ve found your Love, there is no doubt that your life is beautiful ever.

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