• Why Whatsapp, When You Have Plenty of Options

    Free Voice call or Voip is available from early stages of Chatting apps like Yahoo Messenger, Skype etc., Those are times when people were using PCs & Laptops. Now it is all Smartphone era.

    What is more fascinating is the Names of these Messengers that are Short and Sweet. Thanks to the Smartphone Developers who have created plenty of Messenger apps providing text & voice communication facilities.

    If any of your reliable app fails or increase their charges, you always have plenty of option to change to a new app. Most Smartphone Chat applications provide variety of services that are listed below. Not all Messengers provide all the facilities. You can choose the right combination that fits your need.

    • Text Messages
    • Voice Messages
    • Media or Files Sharing
    • Voice Call
    • Video Call

    1. Whatsapp – No Video Calls Yet

    It has fewer features than provided by other Messenger apps. But still, its simplicity has won many hearts. It has all type of services listed above except for Video Calls.

    When Whatsapp enabled Voice Calling recently it was like Talk of Every Town. But the voice call feature is not used by many due to issues in voice clarity. Other than Live calling Feature, no app can beat its fantastic user experience and simplicity.

    What am I doing, everyone know everything about Whatsapp, why waste time in explaining it again. So am moving to features in other apps.

    2. Hangouts – Video Conferencing


    Google has many variations of Chat Messengers. This is one among them. Not many people know the difference between Google’s different Chat messengers. Neither do I.

    To be true, it is little bit confusing to have messenger apps from same provider but with different names. There was Gtalk, then Messenger, Hangouts and then Google Voice, to communicate with People in your contact.

    Off all these Hangouts is my favorite. Talking about the Features, Hangouts is best to connect with your Google+ Friends, Contacts in your Gmail or Android Phone etc., It has Text, Voice or Video Call Features.

    Video Conference: It has nice options to have a Group Video Chat or we can say Video Conference. This is a Cool Option. Just Invite your Friends and view all of them just from your phone. That’s why they named it as ‘Hangouts’.

    Not only for Fun, this Group Video Chat is much useful feature to give product demo or educational learning classes or to do conferences etc., that are broadcasted.

    3. Skype – Video & Voice Calls, Messaging

    Well. It does have video and voice calls. Also, you can search for users using their name or contact number, add them or send request to get added to your friend list.

    Once they accept your request, you can straight away do text, voice or video calls. Hangouts and Skype are the messengers that most business people use these days, since it allows you to have some level of anonymity.

    You don’t have to share your contact number or email address, to discuss a business deal. To some extend it allows finding and adding anonymous users too.

    4. Viber – Voice & Video

    Almost gives similar feel as Whatsapp. Only difference is that you can share any file of huge size. You should be having a Person’s mobile number to add him to your friends list.

    This is a good alternative for Whatsapp, if it wins more user base. Worth trying.

    5. Hike Messenger

    It is combination of Social Media plus Chat. It has Timeline updates and also you can give Like to status updates of your Friends. Plus chat and make voice calls to your friends.

    This app has more customized options that are not available in many top Messeners. Now, lets see other Apps as well that have the Voice and Video calling features.

    Remaining List

    1. ICQ Messenger
    2. Messenger (Google)
    3. Messenger (Facebook)
    4. Yahoo Messenger (with Plugin)
    5. Line
    6. Wechat
    7. Tango
    8. Kakao Talk
    9. Camfrog
    10. Callgram
    11. Paltalk
    12. Blah
    13. RoundsFree
    14. Glide
    15. Maaii
    16. Soma
    17. Fring
    18. JusTalk
    19. ooVoo
    20. magicApp
    21. Nimbuzz Messenger
    22. Google Voice
    23. Talku
    24. TalkRay
    25. Imo
    26. FaceTalk
    27. Telegram Talk

    In future, this list might keep on growing. New developers release new products on this Chat Messenger Space. Now it is upto you to choose the app that fits your need. If you are using any nice app that might help the readers, please leave a note in the comments section.

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