If We Block Someone in Whatsapp, What Happens How to Block

If We Block a Person on Whatsapp What Happens?

How To block Someone in Whatsapp? Here are the quick steps to block someone in Whatsapp. From Whatsapp Chat Window: Open Whatsapp messenger. Open Chat of the Person you want to Block. Click Settings (3 dots) on top right corner of Chat window. Click on ‘More’. Select ‘Block’ and confirm… [Continue Reading]

What happens when you Mute someone on Whatsapp, Hide blue ticks, Unread Chat Messages

What happens When you Mute Someone in Whatsapp? – FAQs

1. What happens when you Mute someone on Whatsapp? Whatsapp only switches of the notifications for the messages from the person you just muted. Mute a person’s contact in Whatsapp who annoys you. You will still get messages from the person. Whatsapp just suppress the notifications from the person. If… [Continue Reading]

How To make Frosting Slime Diy Kids play

How To Make Frosting Slime?

Frosting Slime The word itself reminds of the creamy frosting we see upon the cake.  The thick creamy & cheesy frosting on cake is yummy for our taste buds. Now it is the feast for your eyes & hands to feel the frosting slime. Though the materials list is bit… [Continue Reading]

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How to make hard boiled egg perfect heat

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs?

How to make hard boiled Egg? Egg is easily the healthy diet that can be cooked easily. So, it is the preferred option for many People.  We have here the apt preparation steps for making hard boiled egg, that is hard and fully boiled. Steps to Boil Eggs Place your… [Continue Reading]

melon Beat the Heat Summer Ideas Home Gardening

5 Cool Plants To – Beat the Heat – This Summer

A Huge hot summer is already half way by now. It is going to be in full form within months & this is the right time to cool our home with some green. Planting more trees around you will help in blocking the direct penetration of ultraviolet harmful rays of… [Continue Reading]

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How to hide Profile picture in Whatsapp

How to hide Profile picture on Whatsapp from strangers?

Whatsapp Profile Picture Privacy Settings Learn how to hide Whatsapp profile picture from certain contacts? If you have not enabled this option, then any stranger who has your mobile number can view your WhatsApp profile picture & status. To make it worse, you will not even know who are all… [Continue Reading]

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